Krishna K Manda

Software Programmer / Developer /
Sr. Application Analyst / WeekEnd Farmer

since 1997

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Born and brought up in VADALI, Andhra Pradesh India to Sita Rami Reddy and Jyothi. I was raised with Elder Sister and Younger Brother. My father is a farmer and with no education at all, but he spent all his efforts to educate me and my brother in best schools in the country. My primary education started in Sainik School Koukonda (Ministry of Defence). Later continued my education BS in Computer Sciences from Andhra University.

My 7 years of education in Sainik School has helped me become a responsible duty minded, punctual and learend to be determined to achieve the set goals. I had the good oppurtunity to particpate in many events which I would not have had if I had been else where.

During my graduation I was more interested in Computer programming and that made me as my profession. Later moved to USA and continued the same till now.

Got married to Lavanya and blessed with daughter Sannuta.

Finally, Love playing Games like Cricket, Volley Ball and go for Boating and Biking to Lewisville Lake Trails. As a Hobby I do Home Automation (Insteon and X10 technologies), Home improvement projects, Gardening and Farming.

Aim High. Soar High.



With 14+ years of technical experience on application design, development and Consulting Services on wide variety of projects in an assortment of industry sectors (Real Estate, Retail, Container Shipping, Casino Gaming, Shipping Logistics and Auto Insurance ) with consulting and Full time Employment.

Specialized in creation of robust, scalable enterprise web applications for use either internally or public facing. Most of the Systems are developed in Microsoft and some open source Technologies to reduce costs, improve maintainability and provide long term solutions. As a highly-driven, technically savvy Systems/Application Analyst, I would be able to enhance company’s ROI by utilizing my skills to efficiently design, implement and maintain critical systems while providing new strategies and opportunities for future business ventures.

SQL Server
Other Web Technologies

My Technical Experience

Bank of America Plano, TX.

Sr. Software Programmer
Oct. 2016 - Current

Horizon Lines Dallas, TX.

Sr. Software Consultant
Oct. 2013 - Sept. 2016

Affirmative Insurance Addison, TX.

Sr. Application Developer
Feb. 2012 - Oct. 2013

Trans Trade Dallas, TX
thru Robert Half Techonologies.

Sr. Application Developer
Oct. 2011 - Feb. 2012

Horizon Lines Dallas, TX.
thru Chenega Logistics

Sr. Software Consultant
Mar. 2009 - Current

International Game Technology Reno, NV.

Sr. Web Developer
Feb. 2007 - Nov. 2009

Horizon Lines Dallas, TX.

Application Developer
Oct. 2002 - Feb. 2007

BestBuy Minneapolis, MN.

Software Consultant
Aug. 2001 - Sep 2002

TenantDirect Inc Los Angeles, CA.

Web Developer
Aug. 2000 - Aug. 2001

Intel Corporation Folsom, CA.

Web Developer
Feb. 2000 - Jun. 2000

My Education

Andhra University, India
Bachelor of Computer Sciences .

Sainik School Korukonda, India
6th thru 12th

Little Flower School, India
1st thru 5th

My Clients

Intel Corporation Folsom, CA

Tenant Direct Los Angeles, CA

Best Buy Minneapolis, MN

International Game Technology Reno, NV

Trans Trade Dallas.TX

Affirmative Auto Insurance Dallas, TX

Horizon Lines Dallas, TX (Current)


Shawn Edwards

Krishna is a skilled, reliable developer, and an asset to any team. His ability to analyze and solve complex problems coupled with his development skill quickly put him in position as a valued member of our web development team. Krishna tackles new challenges with a "can-do" attitude, and works well individually or with other team members to deliver solid, reliable solutions.

Varghese Pallathu

I have worked with Krishna on the same project for US Agencies website. Krishna has good technical knowledge in the area of web services, .net, C#, SQL, Reporting. The US Agencies web project was built on MVC3 framework. He was able to start immediately on the project and make necessary enhancements.

Vikram Paruchuri

As a Senior Developer on Web team Krishna used his skills in Application Development, SQL Development to develop and maintain Affirmative Websites. He was always the first member to get to all the issues and go to member of the team for any enhancement/new development. Krishna always goes the extra mile and uses his Business Analytic skills to stay on top of business requirements and always thinks ahead to help Project Managers and Business to succeed in providing excellent service to customers of Affirmative. Krishna is smart, pleasant, very easy to work with and has excellent work ethic. I feel fortunate to work with him and learn from him and I sincerely feel he will be a great asset to any team he is part of.

Balu Kadiyala

Krishna is an outstanding individual and a solid performer. Krishna has significant expertise in Microsoft ASP.Net technologies. He is a self starter, great team player and can be good leader and mentor to junior members of the team. You can count on him to build software with best practices and also solve/triage complex technical issues. One of the best developers and individuals I have met in my career.

John Hahn

I endorse Krishna Manda. He is professional, hard working, efficient, intelligent, and I have enjoyed working with him. He has shown a lot of knowledge in the areas of coding and sql. He will be a valuable asset to any organization.

Lucas Barclay PMP

Krishna came into our organization and made an instant impact on the team. His skills set added a broad array of much needed knowledge and experience. He has proven to be a very intelligent, manageable, and skillful employee who's input I value. I would recommend Krishna to any organization and am confident that his contribution will noticeably impact the business' production in a positive manner.

Douglas Guy

Where to start with Krishna? Krishna joined my development team in the summer of 2011 and made an immediate impact on the company. His a development wizard and has a strong business acumen that added depth to our business discussions. Krishna is an amazing developer that not just delivers solutions, his vision and dedication turns those solutions into bottom line production! I strongly recommend Krishna!!

Angella Jung, PMP

Krishna is one of the best developer I had the pleasure to work with at Horizon Lines. He delivered all of his development work on time and provided technical suggestions that were suitable for the projects. He was a self-starter in issue resolution... always diving deep into the root-cause of any issues. In working on a new project development, he made sure he understood the business process in order to suggest and apply the right technology to the project.

Bryan Turner

Krishna is an awesome developer. I worked with him at Horizon Logistics. I did project management, and he did development. He is a great developer and a great employee. He thoroughly understands the business, and is very detail oriented. I think he is a key player and would be an asset to any team.

Sibi Karakkattil

As a database Architect at horizon lines, I have opportunity to work with all developers in our company. I worked with Krishna on many projects while he was at horizon lines. His high technical skill and group work have enabled us to complete all the projects on time. He is very dedicated and easy to work with and has very good work ethic. I highly recommend him for any software related projects.


Krishna is by far one of the best software developers that I have had the opportunity to manage and work with throughout my career. Krishna has the rare ability to understand complex business processes and then translate those complexities into very advanced and reusable code. Krishna's ability to do this makes him an excellent lead technical resource for any form of software development.

Kirk Housewright

Krishna has done a great job developing systems for small businesses. Krishna has very good communication and understands what it takes to create systems to tackle all aspects and needs within the transportation and accounting sector. Development is done in a cost effective and timely manner. His expertise in the development of transportation systems has enabled companies like ours to keep us a step ahead of our competition. I would strongly recommend his services to other small busines owners.

David Zapata

Krishna is a sharp and dedicated developer who solved very complex business problems with well-designed solutions. He is a pleasure to work with and a highly contributing member of the team. I highly recommend Krishna for any project he takes on and leads.

Nishant Pant

Krishna is a very dedicated and relentless developer. He knows the stuff he is working on, in and out and his willingness and enthusiasm to learn new things is what makes him stand out. I am sure Krishna will add a lot of value to any company he works for.

Saran Alagirisamy

I had the privilege of working with Krishna Manda at Horizon Lines for several years. He is one of the best developers I have ever worked with. With him on the team, you can be sure that the job will be done on time all the time. He is upto date with all the latest technologies and was always in demand for new projects at HL. He is very courteous to his team members and very cool to work with. He worked on many projects with impossible goals and timelines and was still be able to meet those deadlines. I highly recommend him and would love to work with him in any project.

* Courtesy of Linkedin


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